Bark in the Park 2019

Metal Maiden Kimberly & Limpet
Metal Maiden Kimberly & Limpet

Metal Maidens

Most of you already know me, if not from this event, then from others. My name is MarciAnn Yantz I am the Captain of The Metal Maidens. I volunteer, rescue, foster, network, transport and fundraise. In addition, I have a couple of my own events that I have started and they will be in their 4th year this year. I connect animals with people and services. I presently have 8 of my own rescues at home. Animals are my passion and I am blessed to have a husband and children who share my passion, I could not do it without them. I believe that my Greatest Gift to animal rescue & welfare is that I know many, many wonderful kind and giving people. Each time I ask, they give. It is through their kindness, generosity and support that I am able to do what I do. I have vowed to be their voice for as long as I have one. Now it is time for you to Meet My Metal Maidens!

 Brenda Hughey, 3rd Year as a Metal Maiden: The idea of giving back is what I try and show in my daily life. 4 legged furry babies are one of my favorite to give back too! I'm involved in rescue in my daily life so helping Greenhill is naturally one of my favorite places to help. What they do for our community is amazing. Helping stays, abused, and ones that need medical attention. They don't give up on them, big or small dogs, cats, rabbits or any small animal they are there for them. Simply click on the "Donate Now" button on this page and help me reach our goal to help these great humane society.

Eric Melconian, 1st Year as a Metal Maiden: Eric and his four children are New York transplants and have always had a great love for animals. Their current household consists of two adopted cats and a six year old boxer named Penny, and they are looking to adopt another dog from Greenhill to add to their family. Perfect end to any given night, you will find them all curled up on couch together watching Netflix or playing Nintendo Switch. They are so happy to participate in this year's Bark in the Park and proud to help raise money to help the homeless, abused, and neglected pets in our community. Please support us by donating to such a selfless cause.

 Jennie Joiner, 2nd Year as a Metal Maiden:  Jennie has had animals in her life since early childhood. Ranging from the typical dog and cat to a racoon and Bangle Tiger her mom raised while working at the Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon. Jennie and her husband Scot now live on a 14-acre farm in Creswell with three cats, two dogs, three Tennessee Walking horses and 24 chickens. Jennie’s two dogs; Bindi a Red Cattle Dog and Jack a Blue Cattle dog are rescues from bad situations. On her days off you will find Jennie riding her horse in the woods with her best riding partner and friend all over Oregon. She enjoys endurance riding and has competed in 35-mile endurance races coming in the top five the last two years. Jennie is also an advocate for Parkinson’s Resources of Oregon and participates in their yearly fundraising walk to support those who are living with Parkinson’s disease in Oregon. Jennie is passionate about all animals so being a part of a great cause like Bark in the Park is one way she can give back to not only the community but the animals that bring so much love and joy to her life.

Kimberly Casey, 2nd Year as a Metal Maiden: Kimberly Casey has a strong love and dedication to animals in need. She was a Metal Maiden for Bark in the Park in 2018 and is excited to participate again this year! She and her husband, Mike, have rescued four dogs over the past 17 years. Brandy, was adopted from a shelter in Gilroy, CA fifteen years ago and was put to rest shortly before her 17th birthday. Their second adoption was Louise thirteen years ago, who was from a shelter in Santa Cruz, CA. Louise crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017. In the past year, Kimberly and Mike adopted two puppies, Limpet and Bear, from a dog shelter in Bend, OR. When given the opportunity she donates her time and money to animals who are in need. She is thrilled to be a part of Bark in the Park again!

 Emma Phipps, 1st year as a Metal Maiden: Hi! I am Emma and I am 10 years old! I have always loved animals but, when I was finding a rescue dog for my family I have since become an animal advocate. Last year I wrote about about how I adopted Nala my rescue dog. Now Greenhill uses my book to help teach kids about rescue dogs too! I love being part of the rescue community and even convinced my family to foster a momma dog and her 6 puppies(They are soooo cute)! Please donate so that we can help all the animals that need help!! XOXO Emma

Simply click the ”Donate Now” button on this page and you will be walked through an easy process to make your tax-deductible donation.

Greenhill does amazing things for animals, and they never put a time limit on how long pets are in their care. They are a life-saving shelter, and they deserve our support.

Your donation will help so many animals. Please click the button that says “Donate Now” Thanks so much!

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About Greenhill Humane Society: Greenhill operates two animal shelters in Eugene, Oregon. Last year, Greenhill sheltered over 3,000 animals, performed over 2,700 spay/neuter and life-saving surgeries through its clinic, and reached over 13,000 children and adults through its outreach and education programs.

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