Bark in the Park 2018

Metal Maiden Jennie & Bindi
Metal Maiden Jennie & Bindi

Metal Maidens

Most of you already know me, if not from this event, then from others. My name is MarciAnn Yantz I am the Captain of The Metal Maidens. I volunteer, rescue, foster, network, transport and fundraise. In addition, I have a couple of my own events that I have started and they will be in their third year this year. I connect animals with people and services. I presently have 8 of my own rescues at home. Animals are my passion and I am blessed to have a husband and children who share my passion, I could not do it without them. I believe that my Greatest Gift to animal rescue & welfare is that I know many, many wonderful kind and giving people. Each time I ask, they give. It is through their kindness, generosity and support that I am able to do what I do. I have vowed to be their voice for as long as I have one. Now it is time for you to Meet My Metal Maidens!

Annette Nichols, 1st Year as a Metal Maiden: I am proud to have been asked to join this wonderful team to support Greenhill. Animals are a very important part of our lives as they provide unconditional love, companionship, and enrich our lives to the fullest. It is an honor to help Greenhill in their efforts to continue to provide these wonderful services and to provide to every animal a loving, caring forever home. The welfare of animals has always been a very important part of my life, as growing up we lived on a dead-end street in the country where people many times would drop off animals. My sister and I would take them in and work to find them homes within our community, and if we were unable then of course we would talk our mom into keeping them, which she would. Every animal deserves to live life to the fullest.

Brenda Hughey, 2nd Year as a Metal Maiden: All you have to do is look in the eyes of a dog or cat that you have rescued and see that they know you have saved them. They know the hell they have been through is over. Some of these pets have been with one family their whole life and then end up at a shelter in a cold cement room with nothing but a food and water bowl with hundreds of dogs around them barking and crying. Knowing the hell they have been through all because of a stupid (that’s the nicest way to say it) human. I look at my 12 year old Chi mix that has Arthritis, Cataracts, and is Bull Legged due to medical problems and someone through him away in a high kill shelter to die. He was on the list to be put down on the next Sunday and someone thought I might like him. He now sleeps his evenings away in my husband lap, does his wake up rolling around on our couch, and looks at you and howls when he wants loves. Someone thought he wasn’t worth their time…..their loss my gain! I enjoy going to donate my time working at rescues that have saved these lives! Their lives matter! All they want is to be loved

Denise Shimp, 3rd Year as a Metal Maiden: Here's my story, I've always had a passion for saving animals. As a little girl I would bring home any sick, injured, or abandoned critter. I've been doing dog rescue full time for well over 15 years and occasionally a cat or two. My passion is giant breed dogs and the bigger the better. :) The giants can be a challenge to place because not everyone wants a house pony, so someone needs to step up and help them out. I'm that someone and I love what I do.

Jacque Myers, 2nd Year as a Metal Maiden: Growing up in the country instilled a passion for wanting to help animals. I had many animals growing up, mostly outside pets but, pets nonetheless. I did have one animal growing up that stole my heart the most and I was torn apart when she passed away. Her name was Dessie, she was a Golden Retriever and Golden Lab mix. I see her everywhere and in everyone, the love she had for fun and companionship with me shows in other people and their pets, and in the people who save the animals who need saving. She is my drive when I am fundraising for The Metal Maidens. This will be my second year being a part of this rewarding fundraiser. What brought me to this great fundraiser is my good friend, my boss, and team leader, MarciAnn. I watch her do what she does, and I knew I had to be a part of this fundraiser. I am so glad I am a part of this! Help me, help the wonderful team at Greenhill Humane Society and their animals they take in day in and day out.

Jennie Joiner, 1st Year as a Metal Maiden: Has had a strong love of all animals since her earliest childhood. Memories of being raised with a Bengal Tiger and spending hours at Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon with all sorts of wildlife as her baby sitters while her mom was busy working as a Zoo Keeper. Now an adult, Jennie and her husband Scot live on a 14 acre farm in Creswell with three cats, three dogs, three horses and 19 chickens. Jennie’s three dogs; Hector an English Bulldog, Bindi a Red Cattle Dog and Jack a Blue Cattle dog are all rescues from bad situations. Jennie most recently rescued Milla, a Siamese cat who came to her after the owner surrendered her to the vet when a dog had bit her and almost killed her. Milla was not at all friendly to humans but, has now made great strides with Jennie and follows her from room to room and is a true lap cat, purring away when she used to only growl and hiss. It’s this connection and passion for animals that gives Jennie great joy and fulfillment in her life. Jennie is very excited to be a part of Bark in the Park and continue to help those animals who give her such joy in her life!

Kimberly Casey, 1st Year as a Metal Maiden: Has a strong love and dedication to animals in need. She and her husband, Mike, have rescued three dogs over the past 15 years. Their oldest, Brandy, was adopted from a shelter in Gilroy, CA fifteen years ago and just celebrated her 16th birthday. Their second adoption was Louise twelve years ago, who was from a shelter in Santa Cruz, CA. Louise was about a year old when adopted and has a life filled with joy and love. Unfortunately, Louise passed away in 2017. Recently, Kimberly and Mike adopted a puppy from a shelter in Bend, OR and named their puppy Limpet. When given the opportunity she donates her time and money to animals who are in need. She is thrilled to be a part of Bark in the Park!

Robby Christner, 1st Year as a Metal Maiden: Every dog I’ve had the opportunity to own has been a shelter rescue. My family has gone to GreenHill ever since our first Golden Retriever. My wife Kelly and I figured it was a no brainer to own a rescue dog when we started looking. GreenHill once again delivered and we came home with an amazing 3 year old Great Pyrenees named Smokey. We are participating in Bark In The Park to help draw more attention to GreenHill and the wonderful service they provide. Thanks Greenhill!

 You know how much we love animals. That’s why we have formed this team for Greenhill Humane Society's Bark in the Park in May. We are trying to raise money to help the homeless, abused, and neglected pets in our community. Will you donate on behalf of the animals and help us meet our goal?

Simply click the ”Donate Now” button on this page and you will be walked through an easy process to make your tax-deductible donation.

Greenhill does amazing things for animals, and they never put a time limit on how long pets are in their care. They are a life-saving shelter, and they deserve our support.

Your donation will help so many animals. Please click the button that says “Donate Now” Thanks so much!

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About Greenhill Humane Society: Greenhill operates two animal shelters in Eugene, Oregon. Last year, Greenhill sheltered over 3,000 animals, performed over 2,700 spay/neuter and life-saving surgeries through its clinic, and reached over 13,000 children and adults through its outreach and education programs.

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